Parenting and Legal Weed

by Whitney Beatty May 19, 2017


It’s the end of a hard meeting filled day at the office, followed by watching your much adored lil one chase a ball aimlessly around a soccer field before rushing getting a meal on the table and jetting your sports star off to bed.  

 Sound familiar?

Before starting dishes, many choose to sit down and unwind from their whirlwind with an ice cold microbrew, or glass of Rose after the day is done – while others prefer a sativa. But even though studies indicate that cigarettes, alcohol and tobacco are bigger health concerns for consumers, there is still a stigma attached to parents who puff. Is there a real problem with parenting and cannabis consumption?

Our sample group of parents who consume say no -- not if you do so responsibly.

In the same way parents are responsible for appropriate alcohol consumption around their children, Parents can safely imbibe if they take the appropriate precautions

1: Know your body and your limits. Just as you wouldn’t down a bottle of Merlot, smoke responsibly, and only use edibles that have dosage info on the packaging.

2: Keep cannabis and edibles out of the reach of children with discreet locking storage, and use products like the Apothecarry Case to avoid cannabis odors in the home.

3: Be sure you are following the laws and regulations of your state, city, and homeowners group.

4: Avoid smoking in the presence of children

A few easy steps to ensure responsible consumption in your household is worth the time and effort, whether you are smoking for medical or recreational use.  

Whitney Beatty
Whitney Beatty


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