Original Apothecarry Case - Dark Brown


Dark Brown Stained Finish

Type: Humidor

The Apothecarry Case is one of a kind

Strong, durable, odor resistant, and beautiful, the Apothecarry Classic is carefully crafted and stained, making every case visually unique work.

Built with style and intelligence

A full herb and tobacco organizational system designed to keep your products fresh, arranged and secure. It's a technologically advanced case that serves to completely redefine the modern smoking experience with goods that are discreet, practical, and offer the luxury and class that the proud modern smoker demands.


  • 4 strain tobacco system glass jar with humidity control lids and customizable re-writable labels
  • 8 humidity control packets.
  • 4 dab containers with silicone non-stick coating for holding dabs/oils
  • A middle split travel cigar container for taking on the go
  • Elastic straps for holding pre-filled oil canisters upright
  • A removable rolling tray 
  • A high quality zinc alloy grinder with catcher
  • A side nook with lid for tools and papers 
  • Vegan friendly leatherette interior with high density foam to keep your glassware safe
  • 13 inch x 10 inch x 6.5 inch outer dimensions

    Style With Benefits

    No one wants to marvel at the hairs on your buds through a tacky logo or a plastic smelling film case. The Apothecarry case' airtight glass jars allow you to show off your fresh herbs with the oohs and aahs you'd expect from your guests. Fresh wiffs are free and included. While the closed box and jars won’t leave your home smelling like the day after a party.

    Humidity Benefits

    Be concerned. Be very concerned with the plastic storage you are using for your plant. Cheap plastic storage canisters and baggies affect your herbs aroma, taste, and consistency! The Apothecarry case uses a Boveda humidity system to keep the herb from drying out. This ensures that you don’t run the risk of mold-growth and keep it sticky enough to preserve the quality, yet dry enough to preserve a nice bun. Regular humidors won’t do the trick, as the propylene glycol systems they use often lead to an over-moist moldy product.

    We offer perfect storage for tobacco, herbs, cannabis and more. Just choose the boveda humidity level thats ideal for your product!

    Keif Confidential

    Owning a high quality 3 chamber grinder is often the mark of a connoisseur. We don't expect you to be one. Our included tools are of the highest quality. Our grinders are made of zinc alloy, allowing for quick, even and easy grinding, plus food grade silicone dab jars and a Stainless Steel Dab Stick to name a few. If you aren't a connoisseur, we welcome you to become one.

    Security Benefits

    Have peace of mind that kids and pets are being kept safe, roommates are kept at bay and nosey visitors won’t see or smell your stash. Our case can also be used for safe transporting in states that require herb to be kept in a locked box for vehicle travel.

    Each Apothecarry case is individually handcrafted, and may appear slightly different than pictured, which is what make each piece unique! Note that the dark brown case can be darker or lighter than indicated on the picture as they are hand stained.

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