Purveyor of high quality herb accouterment

Keep your product fresh, organized and secure without sacrificing quality or style.  Discreet and practical, our premier product, The Apothecarry Case is the complete Humidor organizational system designed specifically to meet the needs of the discerning smoker. Our technologically advanced Humidor and future product line offer the luxury and class that today’s proud modern smoker demands.



It's a showpiece with function. The Apothecarry case is crafted from the finest hardwood and uniquely designed to organize everything you need in one place -- safely secured with a duel combination and key lock so kids and pets are being kept safe, roommates are kept at bay and nosey visitors won’t see or smell your stash.


The airtight Apothecarry case is separated into two sections to prevent odors like resin from-cross contaminating your fresh herbs. We hate that. One side to host your strains, dabs and oil canisters, and a separate side that holds your grinder, tools, papers, pipes and vaporizers. All things plural.

4 or 8 Separate Strain Systems. You decide.


Choose the 4 strain system equipped with 4 glass containers coated with non-stick silicone, perfect for holding dabs and/or oils as well as a high quality metal grinder with filters.



Beautiful leather interior, just like your Audi A6, with high density foam to hold jars securely.



Four air-tight humidity jars specially designed to keep air out and regulate the humidity in your jars to 62% humidity, perfect for tobacco or herb use, and includes a re-writeable jar label for strain names and insights. PERFECT being the operative word.


Four food grade silicone dab jars and metal dab stick, ideal for use with concentrates and waxes. We are not talking food, juice or cheese though.


Elastic Straps to hold 5 oil canisters upright within the case, helping to minimize spillage and waste. Another tool for reducing your carbon foot print.




Gold rolling tray with cut out for grinder or jar placement and an edge designed for easy rolling & prep work. You don't have to be a pro roller to appreciate this.

A stunning aluminum alloy 3 chamber grinder with Keef catcher. Need we say more.

Elastic straps for securing vapoprizers, oil pens, pipes and other smoking accessories. Cause we know you got these too.

A removable nook with cover for holding papers, lighters, wicks, and pipes. Old School toking as we call it.


At Apothecarry, we appreciate and understand the importance of safety and discretion just as much as choosing the finest quality of herbal medicine we seek to protect. Whether keeping your supplies out of the hands of a minor, a cheap roommate or prying eyes, your Apothecarry case has you covered with an elegant metal combination case lock, perfect for keeping your stash safe and secure.

The Apothecarry system is designed to keep your high quality stash away from the things that damage it most -- light and air. From the low odor wood of the box, to the airtight gaskets found on the food grade airtight strain jars and silicone coated non-stick dab jars, we make sure your stash is fresh as the day you purchased it.

The optimal humidity range for marijuana is between 55% and 65% RH. Trichomes, which grow on cannabis to help prevent seed damage, light degradation and fungal disease amongst other things, is where you find THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). At the end of the flowering cycle, occurs and the THC begins to break down and turns into another chemical compound called Cannabinol. High levels of Cannabinol lends itself to a more stoned feeling, while THC delivers a more euphoric, upbeat “high”. Knowing this it becomes more important than ever to maintain the quality and conditions of cannabis to preserve its best use. The Apothecarry case uses a Boveda humidity system to keep the trichomes in cannabis from drying out. This ensures that you don’t run the risk of mold-growth and will keep the trichomes sticky enough to preserve the quality, yet dry enough to preserve a nice bun.

A typical tobacco humidor won’t do the trick, as the propylene glycol systems they use often leads to an over-moist moldy product. Unlike distilled water and PG solutions with sponges/gels/crystals/beads that will impart unwanted flavors on your cigars, Boveda’s reverse-osmosis membrane only releases pure water vapor and Boveda will never damage anything through direct contact. Once you smoke herbs stored with Boveda, you’ll finally enjoy it exactly as the master blender intended.

Boveda doesn’t need to be activated or maintained. Once the Boveda pack becomes rigid, it’s out of water and needs to be replaced. This could mean weeks to years, depending on the package or container, how much the container is opened/closed and the ambient environment. Yeah, it’s really that simple